What is Experiential Marketing?

A form of marketing effort within the sphere of integrated marketing communications targeted at ensuring consumers experience the product or service and are immersed in it. It is a unique way of building brand awareness in addition to regular marketing and advertising efforts.

It is about causing the consumers to experience the product or service with their five senses; Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear and Touch.

Sample Brief

Take for example a brief from a company intending to market their new handwash. Regular marketing efforts could include adverts in the press on various media platforms and so on telling the prospective customers that the new handwash is the best there is. 

Experiential marketing however goes a mile further by immersing the consumers in the experience that handwash provides. So we suggest an example of an experiential idea to let the consumers experience the handwash through a “cleanliness shed”

So in engaging the senses, the consumers get to see the handwash and its variants, colours and packaging in real-time rather than edited picture-perfect advert copies. They can pick up the scents of the handwash and can recognize those anywhere they come across it again. The feel of the handwash on the hands, how fast it cleans the hands, how it doesn’t peel the hands and is soft on the palms, ease of product use, etc. 

The result is that all of this information is stored automatically as humans never forget memories and the experiences they go through. Living is, after all, many memories witnessed in a lifetime. 

So the next time the consumer is in the market about to buy a new handwash, they remember what using your handwash felt like and do not need extra persuasion to buy that particular brand. In addition, you get immediate customer feedback and insights that can aid your next marketing effort.

This is just a brief example of how experiential marketing brings a new perspective to your efforts.

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